Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for an event....

I want to register for a conference but it won't let me register as a member.

How do I....

Get a password to log in as a member?

Change my email address?

Change my mailing address, phone number, etc?

Join the listserv? Post to the listserv?

Can I....

Register for a conference online?

Pay online?

Pay by check?

Why does my "Profile" indicate that I've only been a member since March 2014?

Unfortunately, because this website was launched in March, 2014 it can only go back as far as that date.

Other website questions?

If you have any other questions, feel free to email us by clicking here: CSPP Website Manager.

Problems registering for a conference as a member?

Most likely you forgot to log in to the website. If you do not log in, the system doesn’t know you are a member and will not give you the options to register as a member. In the upper right corner of any website page, you’ll see a place to put your email address and password. Even if you checked "Remember me" before, you still need to click "Login" to sign in as a CSPP member. If you forgot your password or never had one, read the next entry.

Need to get a password to log in as a member?

Whether you've never signed on before, or had a password but you can't remember it, follow these steps:

In the upper right corner of any page on this website, you’ll see a place to put your email address. Use the email address that you used when you applied for membership or registered for a conference. Then click "Forgot password" (even if you've never set a password on our website)The website will send you an email to allow you to set up (or to reset) your password. Click on the link that is in that email.  There you will be prompted to type in a password. This password doesn’t need to be very secure, it can be short and simple.

Once you've set a password, go to the top of any page on this website and type in your email address and new password. Next, we HIGHLY recommend checking the box that says "Remember me" so that every time you go to our website your email address and password will be automatically filled in. All you'll need to do from now on is click Login”, and you will be able to access all the events and information that the website has to offer.

To change my email address, mailing address, etc.:

In the upper right corner of any website page, you’ll see your name and under your name a link "View profile". Click that link and you will be able to update the information on your profile. REMEMBER to scroll to the bottom of this long page to click on "Save". 

If you do not see your name, but see a place for your email and password, then sign on first with your email and password. Use the email you used when you applied for membership. If you don't know your password, click HERE.

IMPORTANT, if you are changing your email:

Remember that you will now need to use this NEW email to log on, and if you have clicked "Remember me" in the past, you will have to type in the new email and your password, then  "Remember me"when you log in using your new email address for the first time.

In addition, you will need to click here: Listserv Manager to send our CSPP listserv administrator an email asking her to change your address on the listserv.

To join and post to the listserv:

The listserv is a benefit of membership. When you apply for membership, you received an email that said that your application was received.  Once your application has been processed and membership approved, you will automatically have a profile and a membership record set up on the website and you will automatically be signed on to the listserv.

If you have not received any emails from the listserv within a week AFTER getting your email that says "Welcome to CSPP" verify your email address in your profile. Click HERE if you don't know how to see your profile.

If that is correct or if you have recently changed your email, click here: Listserv Admiunistrator to inform our CSPP listserv administrator.

If you reply to an email from the listserv, your reply will "back channel"  to the original sender, unless you request "Reply all".

To register and pay for a conference online:

Yes, of course! Online is the standard way to register and pay. It's easy, there are two ways

You can click on the event you want from the Home page or click on the Events tab and then the "Register" button for the event. Once you get there, it will give you prompts, much like any other online shopping. You can pay online with a credit card or with a PayPal account.

If you want to pay by check, each event will have the name and address of the person to whom the check should be sent. You can also pay with a check at the door, but those who complete the "Early Bird" discount registrations should be sure to mail in their checks. We encourage online registrations to help us set up adequate seating. [If you bring a check to the conference, we encourage you to write it in advance which will speed your way to the pre-conference refreshments and conversation.]

To register using a scholarship code:

First, you need to sign in to the website. 

If you’ve never set up a login 
click HERE.

You can click on the event you want from the Home page or click on the Events tab and then the "Register" button for the event,  then follow instructions, clicking on "Scholarship" button when appropriate, then enter your registration code, when requested.

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