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Elected Positions

The Executive Board consists of the following elected positions: 

  1. President - functions as the chief executive officer of the society, by overseeing the functioning of the executive board
  2. President-elect - serves in place of the president, when needed; chairs the Nominating Committee and appoints committee members; coordinates the events calendar; serves as our Representative to APA Division 39; and serves on the Governance Committee
  3. Recording Secretary - records the minutes of each board meeting
  4. Treasurer - is responsible for the fiscal affairs of the Society and chairs the Finance Committee
  5. Coordinator of Educational Programs  - supports and coordinates the efforts of the: Clinical Conference Chair, Regional Representatives, Registration Committee, teachers of mini courses, and the Joint Conferences Coordinator
  6. Membership Development Coordinator - supports and coordinates the activities of the: Membership Committee Chair, Nominating Committee Chair, Equity and Diversity Education and Action Committee Chair, Early Career Chair, Scholarship Program Manager, and Community Outreach Coordinator
  7. Communications Coordinator - supports and coordinates the activities of the: Website Manager, FaceBook Manager, Listserv Manager, Newsletter Editor,  Historian, and Media Relations Manager
  8. Governance Committee Chair oversees the functioning of the executive board, as led by the President (a system of “checks and balances”)

For a more detailed description of each position's responsibilities, click HERE

For a list of Board members and their email addresses, click on the "Current Board Members" tab.

For a list of past elected officers, click: Past Officers

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