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Committee Members

* Treasurer and Finance Committee Chair: Anna-Lee Stafford

            Ryan Ochoa

    Kelly Butler

* Governance Committee Chair:  Mary Daly

           Brianne Pollock

           Callie Jowers

* Membership Development Coordinator: James Amarante

     - Nominating Committee – Brianna Pollock

            Ellen Nasper

            Lisa Patrick 

            Yehuda Roberts

            Carrie Christensen

    - Committee for Equity & Diversity Education and Action -- Mary Daly

            Donna DiCello
            Carrie Christensen 

            Noka Zador 
            Ellen Nasper 

            Emily Sinclair

            Denzel Hunter           

            Amy Goldfarb
            Susanne Weil 

            Wendy Stewart 

     - Membership Committee Chair -- Pamela Siemon

   George Hagman

    - Scholarship Program Manager -- William Hartman

* Communications Coordinator: Maria Christina Crouch

     - Website Committee Co-Managers -- Kathryn White &  Elaine Hunter

            Brendan O'Connor

    Kelly Butler

     - Interim Listserv Manager -- Maria Crouch

     - Social Media Manager -- Maggie Kwakye

     - Historian – Wendy Stewart

* Coordinator of Educational Programs:  Ellen Nasper

     - Clinical Conference Chair -- Ashley Warner / Assistant to the Clinical Conference  Chair - Cheryl Cummin

           Maria Crouch

           Kathryn White

           Brianna Pollock           

           Karen Steinberg-Gallucci

           Elizabeth Tobin-Brown

     - Registration Committee Chair / Registrar -- Christopher Greene

         Assistant Registrar -- Julie Ringelheim  

         Interim CEC Coordinator -- Christopher Greene

           Kathryn White

           Pamela Siemon

     - Regional Reps:

           Amanda Michael and Nancy Bokesenbaum, Fairfield

           Rita McCleary, New Haven

           Robert Hamm, Hartford

           Elizabeth Tobin Brown, Eastern CT

   - Early Career Committee Co-Chairs -- Johanna Rayman & Dee Unterbach

            Elaine Hunter

            Yehuda Roberts

            Ellen Nasper

            Larry Rosenberg

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